Thursday, October 7, 2010

Innocence Gone

Dear Athena,  

Last night I had a dream about you once again.  Only this time you weren't young.  You weren't sweet.  You weren't innocent.  You were... the person that you have become as a result of the parental alienation.  

In my dream you were conceited, self centered, arrogant, crude, loud, and obnoxious... not to mention your filthy mouth that you brought to my subconscious as well.  

At least my dreams have changed and the sweet little girl I once knew is gone.  It's always sad to wake up to the reality of what happened then...  Now it's easier.  

Okay... memory of the day....  lest you've forgotten:  

You're favorite shirt - The one you liked the best on your Dad. Do you remember?

I pray that someday you will be free of the awful lies that have been planted into your brain and in your heart.  I pray that your heart will change, and you will be the girl you once were.

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