Saturday, October 30, 2010

dear athena, do you remember dans rock?

Dear Athena,

Wow, what a video from your 18th birthday.  Doesn't it embarrass you to talk that way?  Why would you post this garbage?  Do you not have any pride at all?  If not, I suggest you go to your counselor at school and see if they can help.  You need to to make things right in your heart, with God.  If your not honest with anyone else, be right with Him and He will be your help.  

This video you just put on...  

Okay, enough of that.
  Let's talk about the memory of the day:

This was right after your interview.  Remember the fun?  The laughing?  Remember Gracie running away with your shoe?  This is when we went upstairs and were talking.  Remember how you kept telling me that your mom was unfair and selfish and that I didn't realize how she was?  I remember.  This was the last time I saw you.  That was over four years ago.  

One more memory for today:

Remember Dan's Rock?  You and Lindsey were writing with a sharpie on the rock.  It was a fun day! 

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