Monday, March 29, 2010

Doesn't It Make You Think, Athena?

Dear Athena,

I was just wondering. When you look back on the pictures of you and your dad together... don't you remember any of the truth at all? Do you remember how excited you used to be when you would come for your 'visitations' and how sad you were when it was time for you to go home? Can you remember how happy Gracie always was when you'd bounce into the house with backpack in hand, stooping down to greet her? Do you remember your dad, and his 'clipboard of fun things to do'? Bike rides along the canal. Taco's for dinner. Cici's your fave place to eat. Parasailing. Kite flying. Cool movie theatres on hot summer days along with popcorn, candy and coke. The fun at the 'Castle'. Dan's Rock. ???? Do you remember any of that? And then there is my fondest memory. It was bedtime... and I'd hear your dad praying with you. Praying for you.

What do you remember Athena? So much has happened since your mind seemed to be kidnapped and you took on the appearance of being a POW in your own home, brainwashed and without regard to truth. By the way. You're dad continues in prayer for you... even though he has not been allowed contact with you for years. You must remember his love???? The truth???? Pictures and video's do not lie, Athena. One day hopefully you can become 'unprogrammed' and know truth. Until then you are in everybody's prayers.

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