Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do You Care At All?

Dear Athena,

Every night I watch as your Dad searches online to see what's new with you. The once loving and nurturing Father is now a concerned, confused and defeated Dad. You're absence from his life has left him sick in despair, and wondering if you will ever come around and discover truth.

But you don't remember his love, do you Athena? You've been programmed to believe he didn't care...

You don't remember the sacrifices he made for you? The trips back and forth from Indiana to see you? The packages that he sent with all of your favorite things?

Do you remember telling him with tears falling from your face, "Dad, I just want to live with you,"?

"But Athena, I don't have the money your mother has. I couldn't give you what she gives you," he said.

"It's ok Dad, I don't care about all that stuff... I want to live with you." You answered.

Do you remember any of that?

Now you not only CARE ABOUT THAT STUFF.... but you care about it enough to falsely accuse your Dad of abuse.

Was it the hypnosis? The Bribery? The medications? Or are you just trying to survive being in a POW camp until you are freed?

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