Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Dream

Dear Athena,

It will be four years this June since you have been out of our life. I remember your last time with us and the video you made of 'your life so far'. That interview was great and I still have a copy of that dvd.

You may not remember, since you're mind and thoughts seem to have been kidnapped shortly after that visit... but you pleaded with your dad that you wanted to live with us at that time. You cried because you didn't want to go back home to your mother. You're dad told you there was nothing that he could do. He feels that was the day you gave up, and allowed them to do with you whatever they wanted.

I've wrote a book Athena, and it is not meant to do any harm... but to make an awareness to people as to what can be done to a childs mind when one parent decides that the other parent should not be in their childs life.

I had a dream about you again last night. I dream a lot about you. Last night you were with me and I was going to read you a story. You were five years old. A man in a uniform came and tried to take you away. But I wouldn't let him. Then when we walked upstairs to go into the house and there was another man in a different uniform sitting in the corner with his arms crossed. He was waiting for us. He came over and took you, and was taking you away when your dad came in and tried to stop him. You looked so sad. You're dad was fighting as hard as he could, but.... I'm not sure what happened in the end cause I woke up.

Hmmm wonder what meaning was behind that dream? Crazy, huh?

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